Human Resources Manager

Human Resources & Capital

Responsibilities :

  • The main responsibilities of a human resource manager includes conducting interviews, job postings and employee offers.
  • He needs to keep in touch with recruitment agencies, local organizations, educational institutions, etc.
  • To guide the managers and other employees in matters related to career development, staffing initiatives, employee relations, workplace ethics and performance management. For this to happen systematically, the manager may needs to conduct seminars, arrange meetings and provide the employees with suitable training.
  • The human resource manager has to deal with the top management along with the staff and employees of the company. He acts as a bridge between these sections in order to facilitate smooth functioning of the operations of the company.
  • The collection of HR metrics, analysis of the data, properly collating it, reporting the data and finally identification of trends is also one of the responsibilities of the human resource manager.
  • He conducts orientation programs for employee motivation in order to direct them towards the organizational goals.
  • Planning, supervising and coordinating the activities related to employment, labor relations, compensation and employee relations.
  • Designing and organizing employee training programs for safety issues, language training and health, etc.
  • Investigation and reporting of the industrial accidents if any, that take place in the company.
  • Conducting exit interviews during employee terminations and resignations.
  • In order to determine the reasons or causes behind personnel problems, the human resource manager needs to analyze the statistical data and generate reports. Based on the reports generated, he can provide recommendations to improve company policies.
  • Designing, developing and administering special projects like savings bond programs, pay equity, employee awards, day care, etc., are also some of the additional responsibilities of a human resource manager.
  • The human resource manager has to study and understand the arbitration decisions, legislation and collective bargaining contracts in order to assess the trends in the industry.



  • Lulusan S2 Psikologi atau S1 Manajemen
  • Experience of being a HR Manager for 4 years
  • Know the system is operational HRD