Human Resources Recruitment

Human Resources & Capital



  • Collect employee query plan each year and make the status of employees and turnover of data every month from each division.
  • Job advertisements, perform sorting applications, conduct initial interviews and psychological tests to get a suitable job candidates.
  • Recommend candidates based on the results of psychological tests and interviews early, and schedule follow-up interviews (user, hrd, president), so that the recruitment process can run smoothly as planned.
  • Prepare all documents and document administrative office facilities (computers, seating, telephone, etc.) needed for the recruitment process can be run well.
  • Setting up a working agreement and contract employees as well as updating the contract expiration.
  • employees to enter the data for all recorded properly



  • S1 Psychology / D3 All position
  • 2 years experience in the field of recruitment
  • Knowledge of diagnostic psychology.
  • Administratif